Girl Next Door is a series of collectible doll outfits for customers who already have the original doll and would like to add to their wardrobe. Embracing women is what the brand stands for and wants children to practice starting from a young age. The brand believes the acceptance of differences is what should be educated. Therefore, the design is required to involve variations of girls with different personalities and also with a childlike sense on the package, since the series is meant for children. There is no exact definition for what a “girl next door” means. In fact, any type of girl can fit into someone’s category of a “girl next door”. To bring this message out, the design of the package plays a huge part. A diverse group of girls are illustrated and this matches the variety of clothing styles in this toy collection. For the packages to stand out more, different colorful patterns are also incorporated on each of them. 

Be your own definition of a "girl next door"

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